Ponds & Ditches

Ponds and ditches are fascinating habitats to explore. While some of the animals are true freshwater creatures – such as fish and snails, much of what we think of as pond life is transitory. They are made up of various creatures that rely on freshwater but not tied to any one body of water.

Many animals visit freshwater as part of their life cycle, for some its only the larvae that can live in water, but for some its a temporary home from adults and young. Many animals are attracted to water in search of food or to drink. Some even collect damp mud to make a nest. A pond is a great addition to school grounds as water is an important focus for wildlife.


In 2015 and 2016 I had the privilege to take part in a very exciting project called Railway Land Live. The project is based on a small nature reserve, Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve, in East Sussex.

My involvement has been two fold, as freshwater biologist and as lead field teacher. You can get a  feel for the project by viewing our 2015 project video

The project allowed the reserve to install 4 webcams which you can see streaming live at live

You can also read my weekly posts telling the story of the nature reserve as it unfolds through the seasons at A Place to Think