Rock pooling with a Microscope

Thursday 25th August 

Friends of Shoreham Beach are running an event to reveal the fascinating life between the tides on Shoreham Beach on the 25th August called ‘Rock Pooling with a Microscope’. The event will be run by local Biologist, marine educator and author Stephen Savage who spent much of his childhood on Shoreham Beach and currently runs the education programme for the reserve.


The event will take place at the Nissan Hut at Shoreham Fort and on the nearby beach. “People visiting the event will be encouraged to collect a small rock pool animal from the beach and bring it up to the Nissan hut where we will project it onto a screen using a USB microscope cam” said Stephen. This technology is part of the nature reserves education programme but is not usually available to the public. Stephen said “this amazing technology gives some remarkable close up views of live rock pool creatures such as tiny barnacles, crabs, prawns and sea anemones.

shrimp white1

We will also be sharing some fascinating facts and information about the animals that people find. Discover how barnacles catch food, why crabs walk sideways and what makes a prawn different from a shrimp. Come along and do some rock pooling or just come and enjoy the views through the microscope cam.

More information click link  RockMicro Poster

This free event is funded by Heritage Lottery Grant – Awards for All and is aimed at families but anyone is welcome. The event starts at 10.00am to 12.00pm, but people can drop in at any time. Friends of Shoreham Beach are asking people to meet at the Nissan Hut before collecting any creatures from the beach. The Shoreham Fort is near the western arm of Shoreham Harbour off Forthaven Road For more information about these and other Friends of Shoreham Beach Events please visit


‘Why Shoreham Beach is so Special’

Saturday 20th August, 10.30am

A free event to celebrate our very special beach. Meet at the Church of the Good Shepherd Hall at 10.30am for an introduction to Shoreham Beach from its rare vegetated shingle habitat and wildlife to the fascinating story that the pebbles reveal. Shoreham Beach is a fascinating place to explore. Discover what to look out for, including egg cases and shells washed up by the tide, sea and wading birds and occasional visitors such as seals. Learn about our special character Ed the Bear who has been visiting scientists around the world to find out more about the ocean and how global issues such as climate change may affect Shoreham Beach.

shoreham beach habitat.png

The indoor session will include several activities to help you find out more about the beach and also conservation issues such as micro-plastics. Indoor session ends at 11.45pm and will be followed by activities on the beach to use what you have learned. The event is aimed at families but all welcome (no unaccompanied children please). Bring a packed lunch to eat on the beach. This event is funded by the Awards for All Heritage Lottery celebrating 10 years as a nature reserve.

More information at Friends of Shoreham Beach or Why is Shoreham poster