Ed the Bear

The One World One Ocean Project is based around the real life travels of Ed the Bear a character created by Steve to generate links between the local and global and show how the ocean plays an important part in our daily lives. Ed the bear links places, people and of course amazing marine life.

Ed the Bear is based on the Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve a site of rare vegetated shingle habitat. Steve said “the adventure started when Ed the Bear became concerned about the global threats to Shoreham Beach from climate change, sea level rise and marine pollution, so he sets off to investigate for himself”

During his travels Ed the Bear has visited many real scientists and experts around the world and this knowledge is shared with schools and the public. Steve said, “The idea of sending Ed the Bear to real places and people is that each adventure is a snapshot of what is really happening in the ocean now”. Sometimes awesome, other times sad or even humorous, Ed has encountered some amazing wildlife and people in his travels so far in places including Monterrey Bay, Gulf of Mexico, the Hawaiian Islands, South Africa and Antarctica.

In fact in 2010 Ed the Bear visited 12 of the 14 National Marine Sanctuaries as a guest of NOAA National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration who serves as the trustee for a the network of underwater parks. An adventure that took almost 7 months!

Schools can book a visit from Ed the Bear as a dynamic and unique way of engaging with the oceans, marine wildlife and conservation as seen through the eyes of our travelling bear. The project allows a unique cross- curriculum approach through science,  literacy, geography, culture, art, IT and more. The project also links to the Ocean Literacy principles developed by scientist and educators in the USA.

Ed the Bear is a small bear with a big message but of course you don’t need to be a school to enjoy the adventures of Ed the Bear. Steve said “Ed the Bear has many adult followers too and Steve exhibits at many local events each year including the Brighton Science Festival, World Oceans Day and Big Bang South East Stem Science Event.

To find out more about the One Ocean Project visit Ed the Bears website at One Ocean Adventures of ed the Bear  You can also see his entire adventure since 2009 on his online weblog journal Adventures of Ed the Bear