Steve writes several blogs that focus on different aspects of his work.

Urban Wildlife Jottings (started in 2007)

“As a wildlife author and environmental educator I visit many habitats from coastline to countryside. However, I often find the best opportunities for wildlife watching are on our own doorstep such as in our gardens and parks. This weblog is a record of my observation which I hope you will enjoy and encourage you to take a closer look at your own local habitats, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised”.

Sussex Marine Jottings (Started 2008)

“The Sussex coastline is made up of a wide diversity of habitats rich in a wealth of fascinating wildlife. Originally set up to share sightings of Sussex Sea Mammals from my voluntary role as Sussex Regional Coordinator for Sea Watch Foundation (and Sussex County Recorder for Sea Mammals) over the years the blog has expanded to include Sussex marine sightings in general. This blog represents a selection of some of my most interesting encounters and observations ranging from tide pool life to dolphins. Blog entries will be extracts from my work as a biological recorder and environmental educator”.

Adventures of Ed the Bear  (Started 2009)

“Online journal for the project of the same name, a celebration of our oceans from local to global and also explores environmental issues.  Ed the Bear lives on Shoreham Beach in the UK which is a nature reserve with a globally rare habitat called vegetated shingle.

Concerned about the damage that global issues such as climate change and pollution might have on this beach, Ed the Bear has been visiting scientists and experts around the world to find out more about these conservation issues. During his travels he has also encountered some amazing wildlife and also met amazing people helping the ocean. Ed shares his experiences through this blog and by visiting schools”.