Bella Bear


Bella Bear  World of Water project is part of the Adventures of Ed the Bear, focused around freshwater as our most valuable resource. Bella is based on the Railway Land Nature Reserve in Lewes Sussex, a small wetland site with woodland and water meadows, adjacent to the River Ouse.

Like the Adventures of Ed the Bear, Bella also focuses on linking the local and global creating connection between people, wildlife and places. The three main links explored are between Sussex, Peru Amazon, and Madagascar.

Bella explores how water is an essential part of all habitats and many animals have adapted to live in water. However, many more animals rely on freshwater habitats as a  source of water to drink, to bathe, to catch food, lay their eggs and much more.

Not only do we have a carbon foot print, we have a water foot print as well. You might be surprised to discover just how big your water foot print is. Vast quantities of freshwater are used in industry and food production and when we buy these products so it is part of our water foot print. That includes the water used to produce the packaging.

The project also explores the link with the ocean as a source of freshwater in the form of clouds and how water run off feeds rives and eventually flows back to the sea. This links to Ed the Bears exploration of the ocean and how the ocean moderates our climate and weather and its part in the climate change story.

You can also follow Bella’s global travels as she visits the rainforest and explores this fascinating ecosystem, its wildlife and people.

Steve visits schools to share this fascinating project and creates sessions that focus on topics such as freshwater, Amazon rainforest and more.

You can find out more about Bella’s world of water by clicking on the following link to the Bella website