Stephen Savage is a wildlife author, focusing mainly on children’s factual books but has also written a general interest book on whales and dolphins and various articles for magazines.  Stephen has written 44 books that have been published to date.

Stephen visits schools as an author (amongst other things) to talk about his books and what inspires him to write. He also runs school sessions mixing science and creative writing to explore topics he covers in his books.

Below are a selection of questions from a Q&A session with local schools

Q. When  did you start writing?

A. I first started writing articles for magazines in 1986

Q What was the first thing you had published?

A. My first published writing was an article for the Aquarist and Pond Keeper Magazine. At the time I worked at a public aquarium as Education Officer. This article was called ‘School Grounds as Amphibian Sanctuaries’ and was based on a project I was running to help schools encourage and care for frogs, toads and newts in their grounds.

Q. What was the first Book you wrote?

A. My first book was called Endangered Species Dolphins and Whales was written for adult readership. It was first published in 1990 and reprinted in 2003.

Q. What was the first childrens book you wrote?

A. A book called blackbirds, which was the first of series of 10 books I wrote called ‘Observing Nature’ for Wayland Publishers.

DSCF1584There are 10 books in the series which was designed to both inspire the reader and support their own exploration and observations. Titles included Blackbird, Seagull, Butterfly, Spider, Rabbit and Ant. Different titles were illustrated by a different illustrator who specialised in that particular animal.

As author I was allowed to instruct the illustrator on the content layout for each spread. The result was text and wonderfully detailed illustations that complimented each other perfectly.

Q. What is your favourite book you have written?

DSCF1590A. This is a very difficult question to answer as I have enjoyed writing different books for different reasons. But I guess my favourite is a book called Oceans which was part of a series called Voyages. The reason I have chosen this book is because each page had a couple of lines of text from  marine life experts (Ron & Valerie Taylor), who provide their own, unique eyewitness accounts of what it is like to explore the world’s underwater environments.

I grew up watching Ron and Valerie on the TV and it was a great privilege to work on this joint title – and of course I was very pleased that they enjoyed the finished book.

Q. What inspired you to write?

A. Firstly a love of books, I have always enjoyed reading. Much of my inspiration comes from the amazing wildlife that I have observed and I love to share this with others.